Portsmouth & District Model Aircraft Club

PADMAC Welfare Policy 

Welfare and Care of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

The objective of this policy is to promote the safety of junior members and vulnerable adults while undertaking the sport of model flying. This responsibility is shared between the parents/legal guardian, the PADMAC committee and all PADMAC members. The principles are intended to prevent injury or any form of abuse (neglect, physical, emotional or sexual).
Policy Statement
  • The child's or vulnerable adult’s welfare is the first consideration.
  • Those directly involved (e.g. committee members, instructors, parents/legal guardian) with the care of children/vulnerable adults must comply with the relevant BMFA guidance.
  • Those working with children must have the knowledge and awareness to make informed decisions to prevent putting themselves, children or vulnerable adults at risk.

Rules specific to Children and Vulnerable Adults
  • A parent/legal guardian must be present at all times at the flying site.
  • Junior member and parent/legal guardian must sign the membership form.
  • Any PADMAC member that has reason to suspect abuse must inform (depending on the situation) the parent/legal guardian, a PADMAC committee member, BMFA Chief Executive/General Manager/Development Officer, NSPCC, Childline, Social Services or the Police.
  • The PADMAC committee must investigate any allegations of abuse to resolve the issue and if necessary inform the relevant statuary bodies.
  • Junior members must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. The level of supervision is to be commensurate with the junior member’s age, maturity, capabilities and levels of experience.
  • No child or vulnerable adult shall undertake any activity which might place him or her at risk. In any event prior consultation with their parent, legal guardian or carer must take place if there is any doubt on the member’s abilities to undertake a specific activity.
  • Members (such as instructors) that are likely to spend large amounts of time with juniors or vulnerable adults are required to be vetted and undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check, for the BMFA and PADMAC to confirm their suitability.
  • A ‘child’ is defined as a person under 18 years of age.
  • A ‘vulnerable adult’ is defined as a person of 18 years of age or over but through mental or physical attributes requires a higher level of supervision than would be normally commensurate with an adult member.
Useful Numbers
  • BMFA Chief Executive: 0116 244 0028
  • BMFA General Manager: 0116 244 0028
  • BMFA Development Officer: 0116 244 0028 or 01526 832871
  • NSPCC: 0800 800 500
  • Childline: 0800 1111
  • Social Services: Details in the telephone directory.
  • Police: Details in the telephone directory or in an emergency call 999.

Issued by the PADMAC committee, August 2007

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